esg decolamTM – decorative laminated glass

at the heart of modern glass processing technology

Glass has long been recognised as a material that combines both great beauty and exemplary functionality. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than in the ESG DecoLamTM range; a portfolio of highly decorative and exceptionally practical glass solutions.

Versatility is at the heart of modern glass processing technology, so you don’t have to sacrifice looks for utility. ESG DecoLamTM is created by laminating two sheets of toughened glass either side of a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer.

As the interlayer is trapped permanently between two sheets of hardwearing glass, it becomes the perfect medium for encapsulating decorative effects.

The permutations for using the interlayer for decorative glass panel design are seemingly endless. We have a range of patterned and mesh based interlayers which can introduce both colour and pattern into the glass. By trapping the design between the layers of glass, we can ensure that it is exceptionally long-lasting and durable. As well as our own range of pre-printed designs, there is great scope for creating your own, using films, fabrics and even printed materials.

Using a carefully selected digital print in laminated glass is an increasingly popular option for the design conscious, as it allows light through a window, while completely changing the view.

Why look out on something unsightly when you can choose to see a snow topped mountain or a tropical island? The scope for personalising glass is vast. In the past we have encapsulated sheet music, antique lace, classic film strips, and even family DNA sequences, all immortalised for the future.

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esg corifloe decorative glass

Corifloe is a highly attractive fluted glass from our decorative range, with huge architectural potential. At ESG we can provide the largest fluted glass panels available in the UK, up to 3210mm x 1600mm. Corifloe is a low iron 5mm glass, which can also be laminated to create strong larger glass panels for architectural applications.

Using our advance lamination processes, we can offer Corifloe in full height sizes to create stunningly beautiful full height partitions. Corifloe can be laminated using our advanced interlayer technology, to create tufflam, switchable LCD privacy, or security glass options. We can also introduce beautiful colour by using interlayers from our extensive vanceva range.

Whether you choose to add switchable interlayers or allow corifloe’s subtlety to stand alone, this product offers a fresh take on privacy, by slightly distorting the view beyond, while allowing optimal transmission of either natural or artificial light. With its elegant, ribbed surface on one side, this is an exceptionally elegant decorative glass with an Art Deco feel, which looks equally at home in both period and contemporary settings.

Despite its fluted surface, corifloe offers excellent light transmission of 91%. Light Reflection is pleasingly low at around 8%. It also offers solar energy transmission of 90% and solar energy reflection of 8%.

add some colour …

For the more traditional, but no less adventurous, we have a wide range of translucent coloured interlayers from the highly renowned Vanceva™ collection. These can be used to bathe your space in a single light-reflected colour, or you can create a contemporary take on the stained-glass effect.

By placing a select number of differing coloured interlayers in neighbouring individual glass panes, you can enjoy a kaleidoscope of changing colours as the sun rises and sets. If you have seven glass panes available, you can create a complete rainbow.

We recommend that you visit the Vanceva™ website ( to view their colour range selector. This explains the vast array of colours that can be created. We strongly advise that prior to placing a final order with us, you obtain a completed glass sample of your colour choice. This is because the finished colour may vary due to the natural green hue of clear glass.

It is recommended that low iron glass is used when incorporating Vanceva™ colour into your design, in order to reduce the variance in the colour chosen. We wish you to be happy with the finished result, so please feel free to ask us for advice before ordering.

reflect your corporate values

In commercial and retail settings we can help you reflect corporate values and culture by using faithfully reproduced logos and carefully matched brand colours. We can add logos either by permanent etching, or by digital print encapsulated in the interlayer. When compared with other forms of signage, these will remain in pristine condition over many more years, thanks to the resilience and ease of cleaning of the glass surface.

Using print and colour, we can also introduce highly practical solar shading, to alleviate the worst in solar gain. This is particularly helpful in corporate offices or modern hotels and hospitals. To achieve this, we can either use a single Vanceva™ colour, or provide a graduated frit pattern, which offers a dappled shade, each making the most of the light while dispersing unwanted excess heat.

For kitchen splashbacks, we can introduce solid patterns or single colours. A highly practical kitchen surface, wipe-clean glazed panels, with a vibrant burst of colour, can be used to introduce personal style which will endure for many years. Each splashback panel can be cut to your exact template specification to fit the space to perfection; with pre-drilled holes for permanent fixing. Similarly, shower screens can be coloured or printed to complement individual style and design and shaped to fit your preferred fixings.

In addition to colour and print, we can also add texture, with products such as our distinctively ribbed, retro-feel Corifloe glass, which can be laminated to create a new DecoLam product.

imagination is the only limitation

The possibilities, together with our team’s ingenuity and expertise, are enormous; and are limited only by your imagination. And because our DecoLam range is based on interlayer technology, it can be used to solve other problems too, such as the need for sound attenuationhigh security or privacy.

In addition to our interlayer-based products, we can also provide a back-painting service, in which solid colours or designs can be added to the surface of the glass itself, available in a vast array of colours. And if that doesn’t appeal, you may wish to have designs, logos, or corporate emblems and slogans permanently etched onto glass.

The great interior designer, William Morris, said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

We believe he would have enjoyed our DecoLam range. Like him, you don’t have to compromise. Please challenge us with your glass panel design concept, and talk to one of our experts about how we can provide the most decorative and practical options for your project.