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pushing the envelope, solving challenges and encouraging new expressions of design

ESG is often the first port of call for expertise and advice in the use of glass in modern commercial architecture. Architectural balustrades, structural glazing and shopfront work are just a few examples of the commercial areas in which we specialise.

Our passion and experience enable us to work closely with our customers to ensure that a broad range of projects, whether small scale, high profile or large ongoing developments, are completed in a timely fashion. We take time to understand the challenges of each individual building design and site, and are always ready to offer the best advice on how to realise the architect’s concept in the most cost effective, long lasting and beautiful way.

Once an order is placed, we pay meticulous attention to every detail of our customers’ instructions and their requirements as to how they need their glass products scheduled, packed and delivered, to ensure the smooth continuity of their order or project. We use our own fleet of vehicles to deliver to site, so we can ensure that timings and instructions are followed to the letter.

We work with an array of glazing professionals from structural balustrade companies, main contractors, shop fitters and glaziers, and we offer and exceptionally wide range of standard and technically advanced glass products, to help push the envelope on architectural vision and design.

Modern glass products play a significant role in the design of the exterior envelope of many buildings. With the added strength which advanced glass processing technology provides, glass has now become a structural material, used for creating imaginative and robust features such as towering atriums, graceful balustrades, glass balconies, scenic lifts, eye-catching glass shopfronts and year-round wintergarden glazing.

With balustrade companies, much of our recent focus has been on helping our clients to find beautiful working solutions for the challenges which have arisen in recent years, including the use of glass up to and above 18m from ground level. The first choice for many UK balustrade companies is our market-leading toughened laminated glass, ESG Tufflam™, which we manufacture and supply in house from our own state of the art facility at ESG.

ESG Tufflam™ is created by combining two or more sheets of toughened glass, sandwiched together using specialist PVB (PolyVinyl Butyrall) interlayers, forming a highly robust bond. This process produces a very strong single toughened laminated glass pane, which can now be put to many structural uses. One of the many benefits of this product is the flexibility to incorporate many different aesthetic effects on the glass, which provide the architect with even more possibilities in design.

Using interlayer technology allows us to introduce a range of added design possibilities. As well as treating the surface of the glass, we can also embed designs into the glass pane, within the interlayer. We can provide tinted glass, coloured interlayers, etched finishes using sandblasting techniques, screen-printing or even film or fabric interlayers. In thicker panels, it is even possible to insert fixings into the interlayer, to produce structural items such as ‘floating’ shelves or stair treads.

Privacy can be introduced by using an LCD privacy interlayer, which allows the building occupant to switch from an optically clear to an opaque appearance at will, at the touch of a button. This product is known as ESG Switchable™ privacy glass, which is available in several versions, including ESG Tufflam™ and our high security option, ESG Secure.

Thanks to our advanced processing technology, and investment in our new state of the art manufacturing facility, we create lighter, larger and stronger panels than ever before. Using multiple panels and interlayers, we form exceptionally strong and versatile products, which can be used to make up structural elements including glass floors, lift shafts, stair treads and stairwells.

While glass structural components undoubtedly help to create stunning exteriors, they also serve to open up the interior of the building visually, allowing natural light to flood through, and giving the impression of greater space. The benefits of using acoustic interlayers as part of the toughened laminated construction enables the same benefits of light and space without having to compromise with noise pollution.

The possibilities for the use of glass products are now wider than ever before, and our products are helping not only to solve the challenges posed by the most visionary architects, but also to encourage new expressions of design. Sure in the knowledge that we have the products to help make architectural dreams a practical reality, the architect can dream and the contractor fulfil their end vision.

Whatever your commercial architectural challenge, ESG will be here to help.