esg acoustic glass

the leading sound attenuated glass solution

One of the more pressing challenges of modern construction is the problem of unwanted noise. Surprisingly, the right glass in your windows and doors – namely ESG Acoustic – can help to solve this modern-day urban problem.

As building space is at an increasing premium, and conversion of brownfield sites into multiple homes or offices grows, we are increasingly faced with the need to provide sound insulation, both from near neighbours, work colleagues and from the street outside. At ESG, we offer ESG Acoustic, one of the UK’s leading sound attenuated glass solutions.

We create ESG Acoustic Toughened Laminate by laminating two sheets of toughened glass with an advanced special PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer between them. This gives an excellent degree of sound insulation between the two spaces which the glass pane divides, in either commercial or domestic settings.

We have known for some time, from settings such as recording studios, for example, that sound-proofed glass was a possibility. Now however, sound attenuated glass is readily available to all through the use of interlayers and modern lamination technology.

We also offer an option of ESG Annealed Acoustic Laminate. Held as stock at ESG, acoustic laminate is manufactured in the same way as float laminate glass but with an advanced interlayer that significantly improves the performance in sound reduction.

Similar to the standard product, ESG Annealed Acoustic Laminate can be used in a multitude of applications. It is important to remember that acoustic glass in its float or toughened state needs to work with the framing system to ensure optimum sound reduction.

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ESG Acoustic is particularly helpful in the housing market, especially in projects in which multiple dwellings are being constructed, converted, or refurbished. In the past, windows and glass doors could be a problem in the war against noise nuisance, as they might represent a channel through which sound could travel more easily.

While insulation against noise could be added to walls, the need for natural light and air meant that windows could be a chink in the armour against noise nuisance. Now, ESG Acoustic allows you to provide a similar degree of insulation in glass panels, providing a defence against intrusion by the outside world.

interlayer technology

Using interlayer technology, we can create very sturdy glass partitions which reduce sound in locations such as corridors and stairwells, as well as in the exterior glazing. In domestic settings you may wish to provide a reduction in noise from some members of the family playing music or online games, while in commercial settings, where confidentially is often key, we can provide sound attenuation for commercial sensitivity purposes.

In many open plan offices, there is an increasing trend towards boardrooms and meeting rooms constructed of glass partitions, within the open plan space. We can now provide a great deal of privacy for these spaces, by using more than one type of interlayer in a single product. In addition to ESG Acoustic glass, we also offer ESG Switchable™ glass, in which privacy is provided by the ability to switch from transparent to opaque at will. In ESG Switchable™, a small electric current is passed through the glass panel, making it optically clear. When the current is switched off, it reverts to its opaque state.

We can now combine both offerings to create a glass pane which when switched off, gives protection against being overheard or lipread, yet when switched on, gives the appearance of openness; while still preventing ambient noise from disrupting either the meeting being held, or the work in progress outside the meeting room.

Because we use interlayer technology to address the sound attenuation challenge, we can also add other solutions for which you may be searching. We can, for example address high security and even the threat of terrorism with the ESG Secure™ and ESG Ballistic™ ranges. We can also add the kind of decorative effects that you will find in our DecoLam™ range.

The versatility which the use of interlayers gives us is seemingly endless. If you have a complex project which requires you to address more than one modern construction challenge, please talk to our experts before you order. We’re ready to hear your challenge.

For our standard stock holding of Acoustic Laminate, we carry the following thicknesses. If the specifications of your product are not on this list, please contact us, as we may be able to source an annealed product, or to manufacture it for you, at our state-of-the-art ESG processing site.

  • 6.8mm Clear Acoustic Laminate
  • 8.8mm Clear Acoustic Laminate
  • 10.8m Clear Acoustic Laminate
  • 12.8mm Clear Acoustic Laminate
  • 12.8mm Low Iron Acoustic Laminate
  • 14.8mm Clear Acoustic Laminate
  • 14.8mm Low Iron Acoustic Laminate
  • 16.8mm Clear Acoustic Laminate
  • 16.8mm Low Iron Acoustic Laminate