the uk’s leading glass processor, providing superior quality, exceptional service & product innovation

our vision: to be the employer and supplier of choice, growing through continuous improvement and innovation, within a sustainable and profitable world class business.

core values

Integrity: We believe in delivering the products and services we promise. We take our responsibilities to our customers, suppliers and our own team seriously, and have worked hard to establish our exceptional reputation for transparency and reliability.

Dynamism: We are proactive in our approach, finding out what our customers really want and developing the products and processes that deliver. We want to be the business that people actively choose to deal with and the place where outstanding people want to work.

Exceptionality: Our aim is to be exceptional in all we do. We strive to make exceptional products, offer exceptional service, nurture exceptional partnerships with our customers, and be exceptional employers of talented people.

Respect: At the heart of all our dealings is respect; for our customers, suppliers, industry, local community, and our team. We speak the truth, build trust and do everything we can to treat each individual with honesty, fairness and acceptance.

Commitment: We share a commitment to the mission, vision and values of our business. As a team, we take ownership of our actions and remain accountable to our customers and each other. We actively go the extra mile to do the right thing, and do it well.

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