secure vueTM secure privacy glass door panels

Secure VueTM is our new glass product developed specifically to create high security glass door panels, which also incorporate a switchable function, powered entirely by a battery installed within the door itself. This innovative approach from ESG avoids the need for mains wiring and frees the door manufacturer to provide a security door with a switchable glass viewing panel. As a modern alternative to spy holes and peep holes, Secure VueTM allows the user to see clearly who is outside the door, without compromising on security. Secure VueTM can be supplied in a range of sizes up to 0.5m2 to fit a range of front door designs.

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Privacy Glass Specialists – Security glass credentials

ESG’s tried and tested security glass ensures that the integrity of the door, whether a corporate or domestic front door, or an internal security door, is never compromised. The ESG Secure™ range is renowned for its high security credentials, manufactured in accordance with the EN356 manual attack resistance standard, or LPS1270 Intruder Resistant glass requirements, and is designed to help prevent deliberate intrusion, protect against and deter crime, and provide resistance to vandalism. In Secure VueTM, the security glass pane is carefully laminated with the addition of a specialist LCD switchable interlayer to provide privacy as well as security.

Switchable privacy glass characteristics

By including an LCD interlayer during the lamination process, security glass can also incorporate privacy at the touch of a button. A small electrical current makes the glass optically clear, while switching the current off makes it opaque and completely private. In the past, using switchable glass in a door panel was problematic, because wiring passing from the door to the surround to connect to a mains power source meant that wiring could become worn and damaged through the normal wear and tear of the door repeatedly opening and closing. With Secure VueTM, a compact battery pack and printed circuit board are both installed within the body of the door itself, so there is no risk of damage to the wiring.

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Shut the front door!

In domestic and office settings, security is assured as you view clearly who is calling or making deliveries at the front door while feeling completely safe. Switch on to view the outside world, switch off to restore complete privacy.

What the doctor ordered

In medical settings, such as hospital or examination rooms, Secure VueTM can be used in observation panels in internal security doors, to allow monitoring at regular intervals without disturbing or waking the patient, while providing additional security to protect medical staff or the patient themselves.

Behind glass

Secure VueTM is especially appropriate in custodial settings, where a detainee, either for medical or custodial purposes, needs to be kept in one location. Secure VueTM helps to prevent the detainee from attempting to break out, as well as ensuring that an attempt to break in would be unsuccessful.

Best of both worlds

Installing a Secure VueTM glass panel in a security door means that the user can switch the panel to clear, enabling them to see who or what is on the other side without compromising on safety. Unlike a spy hole, Secure VueTM provides a clear, wide field of vision, which can be switched off whenever it is not needed. This is easier and less intrusive to install than a video intercom system, although it can be used to augment a more discreet use of a video system elsewhere in the property.

Thanks to the strength and resistance of the security glass, a Secure VueTM panel can be installed in a reinforced security door with absolute confidence, maintaining its quality and robust nature, and safeguarding the users. ESG – the leading supplier of switchable glass.