esg laminated glass

cut to any size … even after lamination

ESG Laminate is a highly cost-effective safety glass, popular with partitioners, glaziers and shopfitters for its practicality. Annealed Laminate is formed from two sheets of float glass, laminated with a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer between them. As it is manufactured with annealed glass it can be cut and edged to any bespoke size.

At ESG we hold jumbo stock sheets of a whole range of float laminated products; from 6.8mm Laminate, which consists of two pieces of 3mm float glass laminated with a 0.8mm PVB interlayer; up to 16.8mm Laminate, which is constructed using two panels of 8mm Float Glass with a PVB interlayer.

At ESG, we can also manufacture bespoke constructions of float laminate with a variety of different interlayers at our state-of-the-art glass processing facility. This exceptional flexibility allows us to help support many architectural and interior design visions.

As Float Laminate is a stock product which, on receipt of an order, normally requires simply cutting and edging, we can offer swift delivery for your project. This makes it an ideal solution for an emergency shop front replacement or for a quick turnaround office refurbishment.

Laminating two sheets of glass together with a PVB interlayer produces a sturdy glass panel that can be used in many applications, including facades, overhead glazing, partitions, floors, doors, furniture, aquariums or display cases. These are invaluable in retail settings and at museums and art galleries, to name but a few.

As the panel hasn’t had any heat treatments, the glass is at its optimum visual quality, with the interlayer acting as a vital safety measure. If the glass is broken, it mainly remains in place, attached to the interlayer, minimising risk of harm to passers-by, in public areas.

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This makes ESG Laminate an excellent choice as an affordable and highly effective safety glass in applications and settings which would ordinarily suffer normal wear and tear from usage, but which have a relatively low risk of serious damage to glass panels.

For applications which are more likely to receive serious impact damage, we offer ESG Tufflam™, which comprises two or more sheets of toughened glass, also laminated together with a PVB interlayer. We also offer ESG Secure™ for applications where potential crime is a challenge, as it offers exceptional resistance to determined criminal activity, protecting against theft or vandalism.

With our range of ESG Float Laminate, as well as our ESG Tufflam™ and Secure™ ranges, we can manufacture to your exact specifications. This includes cutting to non-standard shapes, cutting out notches and corners, and drilling holes for fittings.

Because ESG Laminate is cut from a stock product held on site, it means that we can supply ESG Laminate panels, manufactured to fulfil your order, with relatively short lead in times. We have our own logistics operation and are pleased to deliver either to your premises or your live project site on a date to suit your fitting schedule.

Our current holding of stock float laminate is as follows. If you have any alternative bespoke specifications, please feel free to contact our team with your precise requirements.

  • 6.4mm Clear Laminate
  • 6.8mm Clear Laminate
  • 8.8mm Clear Laminate
  • 10.8mm Clear Laminate
  • 11.5mm Clear Laminate
  • 12.8mm Clear Laminate
  • 16.8mm Clear Laminate