esg switchableTM privacy glass

used in the largest switchable glass lcd panels in the country

One of the most innovative glass products of recent years is privacy glass. Privacy is, increasingly, an important feature of corporate, commercial and public buildings and increasingly, of domestic property design too. In some areas, privacy is a vital requirement, but so is light and spaciousness. More and more frequently, there is a need to maximise both requirements and to use interior spaces more flexibly.

ESG SwitchableTM, one of the foremost names in UK privacy glass, provides the perfect answer to these conundrums. By laminating two toughened glass panes together with a specialist conductive interlayer, we can create a glass which can be changed optically from transparent to opaque, whenever you choose, simply at the flick of a switch.

At ESG we use the highest quality LCD switchable film available in the UK and can create one of the largest sized switchable LCD panels in the country.

The interlayer, a highly technical thin layer of LCD film, allows electricity to pass through the panel. When the power is on, the liquid crystals inside line up and the glass becomes transparent. However, when the power is off, the liquid crystals return to their normal scattered state, making the glass opaque.

We normally encapsulate the film between two panels of toughened glass. Our toughened glass has a Class A safety rating. This means it’s up to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness.

We also use low iron glass as that eliminates any hue to the glass. Being colourless, this gives the glass considerably higher light transmission when transparent, so that it looks clear, rather than tinted.

Switchable glass panels are usually made of two panes of glass, 5-6mm thick, on both sides of the film. However at ESG, we manufacture our switchable glass ourselves in the UK. This means we can offer customers a wide range of glass types and colours to suit each individual project.

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Indeed, the choices available for the visual finish of ESG Switchable seem endless. Options include:

  • Tinted or patterned class
  • A wide range of interlayer colours or
  • ESG Decolam – a range of designer patterned interlayers

All of these choices add a whole new dimension to glass design.

The size of the glass panels we can create and  our ability to incorporate colour and design, coupled with our technical support and customer service, has put us well ahead of our competition. This, and the exclusive range of electrical components that we also offer, has made us the leading switchable privacy glass supplier in today’s market.

People come to us because we understand the privacy dilemma. Sometimes we need privacy, for a confidential meeting, for dressing and undressing, or for a medical examination. However, this must increasingly be balanced with a need for natural light and a feeling of space and inclusion; a need for added security and clear sight lines; or the ability to monitor a patient or visitor for care purposes.

By installing an ESG SwitchableTM privacy glazed door panel, screen or partition, you have the ability to choose when to enjoy openness and when to opt for privacy.

making glass work for you

We can also offer a wide range of highly functional glass products which incorporate our ESG SwitchableTM glass. These can be used to address specific Building Regulation requirements. They include our LPS1270 and EN356 Security™ glass, our Acoustic interlayers; or a combination of them. We can also provide certified documents on request, so that you can demonstrate your compliance with the relevant Building Standard.

In an increasingly competitive market, our expert team at ESG stand out from the rest, thanks to our technical support and after sales service. Customers can tap into our extensive knowledge and expertise.

in control

To complement our Switchable range, we have developed our own range of electric components so you can be confident that they will work together with the glass product. This range has been designed to monitor the LCD glass panels in-situ and ensure they are operating at their optimum performance. With ease of installation in mind, we have developed a range of exclusive controllers with a plug and play wiring solution for streamlined, trouble-free fitting.

Furthermore, our patented range of ESG controllers are fully compatible with nearly all third party commercial and home automation services. With the ability to use both high and low voltage switching methods they can be integrated into systems such as Lutron, Creston and Nexia. This compatibility allows ESG SwitchableTM LCD privacy glass to be controlled via your home screen of your automation systems on your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

We are very proud that our controllers are supplied fully CE Certified by an independent UK testing house, so you can be confident in the safety and quality of the complete product.

switchable smart glass in action

It would be impossible to list all the potential applications for Switchable, so here are just a few glass solutions:

Commercial Environments: Meeting rooms and conference rooms, office partition screens, projection screens, executive offices, hinged and sliding doors. Motor dealerships, from car reveals to sliding doors and customer seating areas.

Hospitality environments: We have installed privacy glass into the divide between a restaurant’s kitchen and the dining area, providing a ‘wow’ factor for the kitchen table! Cloakrooms and gift shops can also be screened in this way.

Residential settings: ESG SwitchableTM is increasingly being used in private residences to create a ‘wow’ factor as a room divide, allowing the homeowner to alternate between privacy for selected areas and free-flowing open living space, across an entire ground floor or an apartment. We can also offer our ESG Secure, combined with ESG SwitchableTM, for a perfect solution for doors requiring PAS 24 certification, without using traditional spyholes.

Medical and High Security applications: ESG Secure VueTM is ideally suited for doors where care requires regular monitoring without disturbing the patient. For custodial purposes, ESG Secure, EN356, EN1063 or LPS1270 rated glass can be incorporated with the LCD glass pane, for added strength for cell door applications.

Showers and Wet rooms: ESG SwitchableTM can be used to open up small bathrooms through increasing the levels of light and space, and is increasingly popular for use as shower screens.

our esg switchableTM features and benefits
  • One of the largest size films on the market – up to 1800mm x 3500mm
  • Can be combined with ESG fire resistant glass and security glass products, acoustic, coloured and decorative interlayers and tinted glass panels.
  • Available in bespoke shapes and doors, with cut-outs and holes for bespoke applications
  • reduce the need for shutters, blinds or curtains in glass windows
    Blocks 99% of UV Rays
  • Low working voltage electric switchable glass
  • Life – average of 25 years with due care
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Controllers supplied fully CE Certified

You can view an example of our switchable glass at a top London restaurant below. It was used to create an exclusive drinking lounge for customers that was bright and airy, whilst maintaining privacy.

Please note:

There are a couple of points to be aware of when considering using Switchable smart glass technology in your application.

When Switchable glass is in its transparent state, it facilitates approximately 79% of light transmission. This means that the panels allow light to pass that they can be clearly seen through, but, as with all LCD switchable smart privacy glass products, there will always be a degree of haze in the panel. This slight haze may be amplified by the angle from which the panels are viewed, so care should be taken in positioning them to best advantage.

Switchable glass also needs to be left in its opaque state (switched off) for a minimum of 4 hours per day to ensure the optimum LCD film performance. With ESG controllers, a timer can be set to suit the application, to ensure that the panels are turned off for this required set period. ESG is one of the UK’s earliest pioneers and most experienced exponents of this versatile product, which allows architects and designers to use spaces more flexibly. If you have any questions, our team will be very happy to discuss your range of options with you.