a modern and sophisticated solution

at esg we pride ourselves on the products and services that we provide for our colleagues in the partitioning sector

Particularly appropriate for this market, our ESG products provide a modern and sophisticated solution to internal enclosures and wall partitions for a variety of applications.

Partitioning glass is a large part of our core business. Its growth has been fuelled by our understanding of, and experience in fulfilling, the demanding requirements of this challenging market. We have developed a speedy, efficient turnaround on glass products, coupled with high quality standards. We have the capability to handle project orders with multiple site deliveries, requiring stringent transport and site restrictions. We are well versed in working closely with our customers to ensure that each panel arrives on time, and exactly right first time!

Our glass is manufactured using state of the art equipment with little or no manual handling, to ensure a top-quality finish. Bespoke edgework can be provided to suit our customers’ specific dry joint systems.

There are many different options when choosing the right glass for your partitioning project, and these will vary according to your individual and legislative requirements. Choosing glass, over solid walls, creates a feeling of space, and a light and airy environment.

This versatile material still allows you to maintain privacy. When you need absolute privacy, you might choose sandblasted or diffusa laminated glass with acoustic sound control. For partial privacy, simple decorative designs, or your company branding, can be sandblasted onto the glass. We can also provide a retro feel, using our own Corifloe glass. This can be laminated together to create a privacy barrier through distortion, up to any height of your partition screen.

For high end offices we can also supply our ESG Switchable™ Privacy Glass that can change from clear to opaque at the touch of a button. Please feel free to ask us about the many different options available. Glass also facilitates special considerations, such social distancing measures, especially when tackling the spread of bacteria or viruses such as COVID-19. Glass is also extremely practical when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, so you can use it with confidence in a vast array of applications.

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