glass shopfronts

The use of glass shopfronts is highly beneficial to businesses because the shopfront is typically the first thing someone sees as they approach a store … and by using the right type of glass, it will be showcased and create a much more impressive impact.

What glass is best for shopfronts?

Toughened and laminated glass are the best types of glass to use for a shopfront. This is down to the safety and reliability features for both types. Toughened glass is thermally efficient compared to standard glass. This means that the heat will stay inside of the store, which is perfect in those winter months.

Using toughened glass is also beneficial because if an intruder was to try and break into the store by trying to damage and smash the glass at the storefront, they would have to hit the glass much harder and it would take longer to break through the glass as it is five times stronger than standard glass.

When this type of glass does break, it breaks into smaller fragments of glass, which is a lot less dangerous than if it was to break into larger shards.

Laminated glass is also typically used as the glass for shopfronts. Laminated glass is two sheets of glass that contains a layer of plastic inside. This glass has the same strength as standard, ordinary glass.

However, when this glass breaks, the plastic interlayer, holds the glass into place, so that there is no hole in the glass at all and therefore, the intruder will not be able to get through.

ESG Tufflam glass, which is toughened and laminated glass combined, is a good type for retailers to use for their shopfronts. Another type of glass that can be used is ESG security glass.

This type of glass is made by laminating several layers of toughened glass together, this will create the highest resistance to intruders. This type of glass is normally used by high end retailers such as jewellers.

Why glass is more popular over other materials

Glass is more popular than other materials and used regularly for store fronts for a number of reasons. Firstly, glass is best for visibility. People are able to see inside the store and thus creating a more welcoming environment to enter.

Glass also ensures security and safety; you are able to see who is coming into the store. If you are concerned about possible intruders, you will be able to see exactly who is entering the store and act quickly, if there seemed to be a problem.

What to consider with glass shopfronts?

A couple of things to consider with glass shopfronts is the quality and maintenance that will have to be kept up with. As one of the first things that customers see, you want the glass on the storefront to look presentable and high quality at all times.

Luckily, glass is fairly easy to clean and the panels are easy to replace should they ever get damaged.