esg lcd glass

used in the largest lcd panels in the uk

One of the most creative products in recent times is LCD glass as privacy is rapidly becoming an extremely vital characteristic of commercial, residential, corporate and public properties. This is particularly useful in buildings where privacy is essential, but so is spaciousness and the need for a substantial amount of light. There is an increasing need to maximise both of these necessities and to utilise interior spaces in a more flexible way.

ESG Switchable LCD Glass is one of the leading products in the United Kingdom that ticks all of these boxes while also excelling in style and functionality. By laminating 2 x tempered glass panels together with the addition of a state of the art conductive interlayer, ESG has created a flexible product that can be both opaque or completely clear. Whatever your preference is … you simply just have to flick a switch!

At ESG we utilise top quality LCD film and can manufacture one of the most substantially sized switchable panels in the United Kingdom. Electricity seamlessly passes through the panel via the innovative interlayer and liquid crystals line up to create a completely transparent glass. The liquid crystals then return to their default state when the power is switched off – transforming the product back to an opaque state … creating a completely private space that is not viewable from outside.

ESG usually encapsulate the film between low iron, tempered glass … we use this glass, because it boasts a safety rating of Class A. In addition to this, it is up to five times stronger than standard glass of the same thickness. The low iron product is utilised, because it successfully eliminates any hue, giving the glass a much higher light transmission in its transparent state. This gives the appearance of extra clarity (rather than looking tinted). Switchable LCD glass panels usually consist of two 5 / 6mm thick panels of glass on either side of the film. However, as we manufacture this glass ourselves using our state of the art facilities … the only limitation is your imagination, as we can create a completely bespoke solution.

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