The 4K is here

Switchable 4k Bluetooth controller

The 4K is here

For the last two years ESG Switchable™ glass has been powered solely by our exclusive controller, the HD-1. This controller differed from all others on the market in that the HD-1 actually controls and monitors the performance of our switchable LCD panels to ensure their optimum performance and prevent damage to the film, unlike other switchable glass products on the market that are powered by a simple transformer.

Until now the HD-1 was the only controller in the range, capable of powering up to 6m of glass. For larger installations over 6m is has been possible link more than one HD-1 together. However now, the arrival of the ESG-4K means it is now possible to control installations of up to 20m from the one controller. The 4K is packed with the same patented technology from the HD-1, but also has its own unique features including its very own exclusive bluetooth controlling app.

The new controller has been designed with the same look and feel as the rest of the ESG Switchable™ electrical products, with a carbon fibre appearance and vented design and can be controlled in the same way as the HD-1. the ESG-4K is available now exclusively from ESG.

Features include:

LCD Preservation

Supply Sync

Bluetooth app control

LCD Protection

BMS Integration

Plug and Play wiring solution

Switchable 4k Bluetooth controller