HD-2 Switchable glass controller

HD-2 Switchable glass controller has arrived

In keeping with ESG’s policy for continual product improvement, ESG are pleased to annouce the launch of the HD-2 switchable glass controller. Based on the original HD-1, this controller is capable of powering up to 6m² ( dependant on application ). But is now packed with the extra features found on the bigger 4K controller.

The new unit now comes with bluetooth capabilty for connection to ESG’s own IOS and Android app to enable control of the glass via smart phone or tablet. LCD preservation gives the controller the abililty to monitor working hours of the glass and then switch the glass off for the recommended time per day which prolongs the life of the LCD film.

Standard features such are wireless switching and LCD preservation are still on the unit, which now comes with an impressive and industry leading 5 year warranty.