The London Taxi

The London Taxi

Heathrow Airport has recently undertaken a multi billion pound refit of Terminal two. Being known internationally as one of the worlds busiest airports, Heathrow truly is a British institution.

The entire departure lounge on the new T2 is very British in design and content. Famous UK chef Heston Blumenthal supplies fish and chips from his restaurant, while the worlds first personal shopping lounge showcases products from UK stores such as John Lewis. An exclusive Heathrow airport beer is even available from London brewery – Fullers.

When commissioning an artwork to be the centre piece of this new lounge, something equally British was required. British artist Benedict Radcliffe is known around the world for this sculptures made from metal rods. Ranging from sports cars, furniture and household items, his work is not only commissioned around the world by companies such as Puma and Paul Smith but is also highly prized among private collectors.

In choosing the iconic London taxi design – Benedict explains “its hard to think of a more recognisable motor vehicle, British or otherwise. The London taxi has served on our streets since 1958”. Serving more than 20 million people will depart through the new T2 lounge, which now has a suitable British centre piece.

The entire sculpture is made from 10mm rod that is welded into position, then sprayed in an orange day glow paint and is an impressive 4.5 meters long and 2 meters wide. ESG were asked to manufacture the glass that the entire sculpture sits on. The plinth is made from 25.5mm low iron tufflam with a digital print. Exacting standards were needed to create the very specific mitres that were required to allow all the glass to sit so tightly together. Forming a perimeter barrier around the sculpture is 20m of 25.5mm clear tufflam. ESG are proud to have been involved in such an iconic project.

ESG Product Supplied:

  • 24m 25.5mm low iron ESG Tufflam™ with digital print
  • 20m 25.5mm clear ESG Tufflam™