Battery Powered LCD Privacy Glass

ESG Secure Vue™ – Battery Powered Switchable LCD Privacy Glass

The Leading Suppliers of Switchable Glass

ESG Secure Vue™ is the new battery powered solution from ESG that allows Switchable LCD privacy glass to be installed in doors and power vision panels of up to 0.5m² without the need to run wires between the door and the frame. The PCB and the battery power pack are small enough to be mounted into the profile of the door with the glass being operated by a small push switch mounted on the face of the door.

Suitable not only for domestic doors, ESG Secure Vue™ is also the ideal solution for custodial and medical doors where internal monitoring of the room is require but at the same time as maintaining occupant privacy.

ESG Group, the UK’s leading glass supplier, has for over a decade been at the forefront of the LCD Privacy glass market with our ESG Switchable™ glass product range. Constantly evolving the range to ensure our products are not only the best quality, but also the most versatile range of products on the market. Suitable for almost any application.

Installation of switchable glass into door vision panels has always been hindered by the need to run wires between the door and the frame. Until now…….

The ESG Secure Vue™ package contains everything needed to install our switchable LCD privacy glass into a door to use as a stunning vision panel offering visibility or privacy at the touch of a button.


Medical: Suitable for doors where patient care requires regular monitoring without disturbing the patient. Anti-microbial coating can be applied to the glass

Custodial: ESG Secure glass – EN356, EN1063 or LPS1270 rated can be added to the LCD glass for added strength in cell door applications

Domestic: Perfect solution for doors requiring PAS 24 certification without using traditional spy holes

Technical Specifications:

Power: 4 x AA batteries

Output: 65V

Dimensions: PCB – 32mm (w) x 54mm (l) x 11mm (h)
Battery pack – 64mm (w) x 66mm (l) x 11 (h)

Kit includes:

  • Supply PCB
  • Battery Pack
  • 2 Core cable to supply power to the glass
  • 2 core cable to the pust button switch
  • Switchable LCD Privacy Glass up to 0.5m²

Click here to download the ESG Secure Vue™ Flyer