famous shmuseum laps up top esg switchableTM gear

Shmuseum laps up top ESG gear

When leading YouTuber Tim Burton, known to his millions of subscribers as Shmee150, first saw ESG Switchable™ glass in action at the HR Owen Ferrari showroom in Brompton Road, London, he knew that he wanted to use our product in creating his amazing new motorsport museum, ‘The Shmuseum’.

ESG Switchable™, which Tim describes as ‘magical’, allows him to usher visitors into the Shmuseum’s lounge, without glimpsing the treasures beyond its glass walls. And it’s a veritable treasure trove of all things motorsport, created by Tim in a former farm milking parlour.

The Shmuseum’s ‘grandstand’ has been partitioned off from the main showroom using ESG products, using our Tufflam™ to create office space and a viewing gallery on the upper floor, and ESG Switchable™ for the ground floor lounge, screening the workshop area, main showroom and Halo display bay, where an F1 car currently resides.

Tim is clearly making the most of the properties of our ESG Switchable™, using it not only to facilitate the grand reveal of his unique collection to visitors, but also, in its opaque form, as a giant screen for watching videos and live races, making presentations and entertaining sponsors and other VIPs.

Switchable glass is created by laminating two panes of glass together with an LCD interlayer between them. This highly technical interlayer carries a small LCD current. When switched on, the current causes liquid crystals within the interlayer to align to allow light to pass through, making the pane optically clear. When the current is switched off, the liquid crystals return to a random pattern causing the glass to revert to its opaque state. The current can be operated using a simple push button, or as at the Shmuseum, operated by smart technology via a phone or tablet.

We greatly enjoyed providing our glass for such an enthusiast of its properties, and have been amazed at the progress and all the innovative features used in the creation of the Shmuseum. If you have a museum or retail space that can use a little ESG magic, please do get in touch!