ESG Leads Privacy Glass Revolution

ESG Leads the Privacy Glass Revolution

As new technology emerges client specifications for switchable glass products are becoming more complex and we have seen a huge increase in the demand for customization.

ESG are leaders within the privacy glass market and endeavor to bring the latest switchable glass products to their clients.

Switchable glass is no longer solely used in commercial or corporate environments; as well as meeting a functional need, homeowners are using switchable glass as a statement design feature in their homes.

The capabilities of ESG Switchable™ glass are vast, from standard LCD privacy glass to ESG Switchable™ iD glass. There are many options available to suit many types of applications. But how are ESG leading the way with the next generation of LCD privacy glass and why is ESG Switchable TM Glass so versatile?

More Products
ESG work hard to combine the latest technology with their Switchable Glass and now offer various products within the range:

  • ESG Switchable™  created with the highest quality LCD privacy glass.
  • ESG Switchable™ HD featuring a new packed controller, operating on ESG created software and offering LCD Preservation and LCD Film Protection.
  • ESG Optic integrates LEDs into ESG Glass, creating bespoke patterns with subtle effects and colours.
  • ESG Switchable™ iD is the latest edition to the range, with the ability to add logos onto switchable glass it takes corporate branding to the next level.
  • ESG Switchable™ Shutter uses LCD blind technology controlled by ESG’s own software to eliminate the need for blinds or shutters.

ESG Switchable™ Glass is tested both in-house and by some of Europe’s leading independent, third-party certifiers and testers such as BRE and the British Standards Institute.

Size Matters
ESG use the best quality LCD film in the UK and are capable of producing the largest switchable glass panels in the country. With sizing up to 1,800mm x 3,500mm, no project is too big!

Bespoke Shapes 
ESG Switchable™ Glass panels can be cut into any shape, including holes, to conform to client requirements, enabling us to offer bespoke solutions for various applications such as showers and wet rooms, partitioning and residential projects.

Design Features
Not only can ESG create glass panels in various shapes and sizes ESG Switchable™ Glass can also be interlaid with various colours or patterns to meet individual requirements.

ESG Switchable™ Glass can also be used as a rear projection screen when the opaque mode is selected, displaying images on the glass which is visible on both sides. This design feature enables you to watch DVDs, play video games or show presentations.

Regulation Requirements
ESG has developed a versatile range of Switchable Glass to address specific building regulation requirements, including solutions for LPS1270 & EN356 Security, fire resistant (Pyrotech™) and sound control, or a combination of all three.

Compatible Technology
ESG’s patented controllers are compatible with nearly all 3rd party commercial and home automation services (BMS) including Lutron, Crestron, Nexia, Homeseer, Iris, Savant, Smart Things, Wink, Vera and Control 4. This allows the glass to be controlled via the home screen of your BMS system on your computer, smartphone or tablet. However, for those without a BMS system ESG have their very own app, available for both IOS and Android, enabling clients to switch the glass on or off as well as changing the level of opacity.
As you can see ESG offer some of the most versatile and high-quality switchable glass products on the market today. We strive to offer a unique and bespoke service to architects, businesses and homeowners alike. Stringent testing puts us ahead of our competitors and makes us leaders within our field.