Intelligent Glass Office Space Necessity

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Intelligent Glass Becomes Office Space Necessity

The building sector is potentially the highest volume market for intelligent glass products with commercial office spaces leading adopters of the technology, according to the ‘Windows and Smart Glass 2014-2024: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts’ report by n-tech research.

The forecast echoes the growing desire for smart glass technology in the workplace due to its dynamic versatility.

Digitally responsive solar controlled smart glass limits solar heat gain whilst adjusting to the amount of glare, not only making the workplace a more comfortable environment for employees but also creating a sustainable, energy efficient work space.

Switchable smart glass is consistently being used in commercial offices as an effective way of dividing up the work space without blocking off natural sunlight; natural light and the blue hue of solar responsive glass is proven to have a positive effect on employee’s health and productivity.

Commercial ‘building owners can achieve significant cost savings while enhancing the occupant experience and workplace productivity’, the report states.

Sustainable building and design has evolved over the past ten years becoming a major factor in many modern day construction projects. ‘Green’ building is in fashion, but what has changed over the years is the desire to fuse sustainable building techniques with high spec energy efficient design elements and smart glass is a perfect component for this.

The sustainability of the interior of a building has become just as important as the exterior and with global ‘green’ building expected to continue to double every three years, according to Dodge Data, and the smart glass market forecast to reach a value of $8 billion by 2025, according to n-tech research, the intelligent glass market shows no signs of slowing down.