ESG Switchable Glass Products

ESG Switchable Glass Products

Customers need for advanced glass systems is rapidly growing. Over 5 years of development have gone into creating ESG’s range of switchable glass products, with our own range of electronic controllers with plug and play technology, enabling us to meet the high specifications of modern day design requirements. These controllers are only available from ESG and their cutting edge technology maximises the performance of the LCD glass to ensure that ESG switchable™ LCD glass is the premium product on the market.

These new and improved elements, along with the versatile nature of ESG switchable products have made it the glass of choice for architects, partitioners and interior designers and makes ESG one of the UK’s leading suppliers of switchable glass.

Advanced Features

•    ESG Switchable™ is available in sizing up to 1,800mm x 3,500mm, making it the largest sized, quality film on the market

•    The high-quality film creates less haze giving a sharper and clearer appearance

•    Can be combined with certified ESG fire resistant & security glass

•    Can be combined with acoustic and decorative interlayer’s

•    Can be cut into various shapes, incorporate curved panel and even hole punched

•    Blocks 99% of UV rays

•    Electrical systems feature discrete wiring and bus bars

•    With due care, ESG Switchable™ has a life expectancy of 25yrs

ESG offer bespoke solutions to fit various applications. Their switchable glass products are used in partitioning, in corporate and office environments, in health facilities and are increasingly being used in personal residences.

ESG Switchable™ glass is an ideal solution to divert the public gaze away from a property or to create privacy from within the home. It can be used to open up small bathrooms through increasing the level of light or used to add privacy at a switch of a button when needed. ESG Switchable™ is the preferred choice for hotel establishments, used in bathrooms and wet rooms as well as a design feature in reception and lounge areas.

Advanced Features

•    Safe and fully certified to use in wet areas – TRAC submersion tested

•    Full system solutions

•    Can be combined with home automation systems

As well as solving a practical problem such as a lack of privacy, by adding coloured interlayer’s, tinted glass or pattern glass ESG Switchable™ is also a modern design feature in any home, commercial premises or office.

ESG Switchable™ LCD Privacy Glass is also a versatile product for corporate environments. Conference rooms and office boardrooms benefit from switchable glass screens and doors, office spaces can be divided with partitions and even feature switchable glass windows and roof-lights.

ESG Switchable™ products include the new Switchable iD range which allows logos to be displayed, ideal for corporate branding. ESG Switchable TM Optic integrates LEDs into glass creating bespoke patterns and ESG Switchable™ Shutter uses LCD blind technology minimizing the need for blinds or shutters, all of which can benefit office and corporate environments.

ESG Switchable™ glass can be used as a back projection screen, making it a useful feature in presentations and meetings or it can merely be used to watch DVDs or play the latest video games.

Advanced Features

•    Large sizes makes it ideal for partitioning

•    Can be combined with security and fire resistant glass, meeting certified regulations

•    Decorative interlayers can be added

•    Can be used as a rear projection screen

•    ESG Switchable™ iD can incorporate logos, enhancing a company’s branding and image

•    ESG Switchable™ Shutter eliminates the need for unsightly blinds or shutters and are easier to maintain

We are committed to giving customer satisfaction through service provision of the highest standard. When purchasing any of ESG glass products you will get:

•    full technical support and backup due to products being manufactured in the UK

•    Supply and installation service