Security Glass High on the Agenda

Security Glass High on the Agenda

As terror attacks become an increasingly regular occurrence in major cities worldwide, security has become a major consideration for architects, engineers and planners.

Drive through attacks such as those suffered in Berlin, Nice and more recently in London have led to a flurry of physical barriers such as bollards being erected around major European landmarks. These, however, offer no protection against bomb blasts.

London’s skyline is becoming redefined by glass megastructures such as the Shard but the challenge of how to “design cities and buildings to resist – or at least discourage – terrorist attacks is one architects have been wrestling with for some time,” according to the article ‘Building defences against terrorism’ published in

Russell Shipton of UK leading glass processor ESG confirms the trend: “With the massive investment into new and prestigious buildings in London we have seen a noticeable increase in demand for blast resistant glass in recent years.“

“We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, ensuring that we meet the highest standards in the manufacture and fabrication of glass products for government buildings & high risk built environments.”

However it isn’t just for new buildings that this new reality comes into focus, many of Europe’s leading sites are also being revisited by security experts.

In January 2017, the Paris mayor’s office proposed the construction of a 2.5-metre bulletproof glass wall around the Eiffel Tower as a more permanent solution to the problem of terror threats.

Modern glass technologies such as switchable privacy ‘smart’ glass can be combined with blast resistance to make windows which are both visually stunning and secure.

“With police forces across the UK under increased pressure on their resource – they are being stretched which also means the opportunist smash and grab crimes are on the increase – which also has seen an increase in our other security products LPS1270 and EN356,” adds Mr Shipton.

ESG provide a full range of security glass which suits the needs of virtually every high worth business – without compromising on design or style. This includes certified ballistic, blast and physical attack resistant glass.

In addition to the protection afforded by ESG Secure EN356, LPS1270 and Ballistic, ESG can provide added features such as sound attenuation, fire resistance or even decorative effects for corporate branding.