DMX compatibility announced

DMX compatibility announced for ESG Switchable™ glass controllers

DMC protocol has been a widely used digital communications protocol used mainly in the theatre and film world to control stage and lighting effects. Its high speed and ability to control multiple units via simple daisy chaining has meant it is now starting to be adopted by BMS systems such as Lutron and Creston.

We are now pleased to announce that in the latest software revision for ESG controllers they are now fully DMX compatible. This means that by using a simple CAT 5 cable plugged into the RS485 port of our controllers we are now able to link directly into any BMS that uses this communication protocol and they can have full control. As well as being able to directly switch the glass on and off, they are now also able to fade the glass if the BMS has such a user interface.

For further details please contact on of ESG’s technical team.