Heathrow Terminal 2

Heathrow Terminal 2

Heathrow Airport, situated 14 miles west of London, is one of the worlds busiest airports. With five terminals and 2 runways it is the main operating hub of British Airways and Virgin. In 2013 the airport was used by over 72 million people and managed nearly ½ million plane movements. This vast amount of traffic is the reason that London desperately needs new airport capacity as these numbers are only going to increase. While the government debates which airport should have this expansion, Heathrow has spent the last four years updating one of its oldest buildings – Terminal 2.

T2 was the oldest terminal at the airport having originally opened as ‘Europa building’ in 1955. Originally designed to handle 1.2 million passenger, in its final years it was carrying over 8 million people. In 2009 the airports owners announced a £2.5 billion program of work to create an entirely new, modern looking terminal capable of handling such vast numbers of passengers.

The new building covers 11300m2 and is home to 23 airlines. With 10m tall architectural glass facades and glass roof lights the building has been designed to feel as open as possible and make as much use of natural light as it can. ESG supplied over 4000 individual panels to the project totalling over 8000m2 of glass. The total m2 is made up of a mixture of 17.5mm and 21.5mm toughened laminate which can be found in various locations around the internal areas of the terminal. In additional to our standard toughened laminate glass, our more specialised processes such as screen printing and digital printing can be found on in various locations adding a splash of colour and design to the walls. Our glass even holds up the taxi sculpture which is the centre piece of the new departure lounge.

ESG Product Supplied:

  • 8000m2 17.5mm / 21.5mm Toughened Laminate
  • 300m2 17.5mm screen printed Toughened Laminate
  • 100m2 back painted 17.5 Toughened Laminate