architectural glass


Offering one of the largest ranges of any UK glass processor, our Architectural glass products include facades, canopies, sliding doors, glass roofs, glass extensions, atrium glazing, glass balustrades and more, allowing architects and designers the freedom to create their vision without the need to compromise on light or aesthetics.

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The perfect solution to create buildings flooded with natural light, ESG’s Architectural glass is ideal for both residential and commercial uses. Our structural glass delivers the same acoustic deadening as conventional walls, yet is a stunning and workable material when designing useable spaces.

New design freedom can be enjoyed with minimally supported slim framed facades and canopies made with ESG Sentry Glas Plus’s interlayer and its extra strength. Created specifically to create a lighter, safer and more structural glazing that can stand up to greater loads, ESG Sentry Glas Plus has opened up design possibilities that never before existed.


Glass partitioning provides a modern and sophisticated glass solution to providing internal enclosures and wall partitions for a variety of applications. One of the benefits of using glass over solid wall is that light can still pass through, thus creating a feeling of space and a light airy environment. There are many different options when choosing the right glass for your partitioning project which will vary according to your individual and legislative requirements.

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When you need absolute privacy you might choose sandblasted or diffusa laminated glass with acoustic sound control. For partial privacy, simple decorative designs or your company branding can be sandblasted onto the glass.

On select projects for clients requiring the ‘wow factor’, technically advanced ESG LCD Privacy Glass can be used to provide absolute privacy at the touch of a button.

If you are unsure of what you need please talk to one of our advisors.


ESG Designer glass gives architects and interior designers the ability to include bright, vibrant colours, designs and even photographic quality images giving designers the confidence they can create their innovative visions. Screen printing involves the application of ceramic ink onto the glass through a silk screen template.

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The ink is baked onto the glass, fusing the ink to the glass so they become one, giving a hard wearing product perfect for applications such as shower screens and curtain walling. Normally a single colour process, but multi-colour is possible.

Back painting gives bright, bold solid colours whilst retaining the unique light reflective properties only glass can give. Primarily used in wall mounted applications such as splashbacks where no light transmission through the glass is required.

Should our customers want the light transmission properties of standard glass yet add colour into the installation we can offer a full range of Vanceva interlayers which allow light through but give a permanent coloured tint to the glass. These are laminated in between 2 glass panels and can even be added to our ESG Switchable™ range. By adding more interlayers to the glass construction it is possible to reduce the amount of light transmission to suit requirements.


We are committed to giving customer satisfaction through service provision of the highest standard and products of a high quality. This applies to all areas of our business and is central to our mission.

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Our architectural glazing products are tested in house and by Europe’s leading Independent, third-party certifiers and testers such as BRE and the British Standards Institute which distinguish our architectural glass products and services from our competitors, and gives you, our customers, confidence about their performance.