ESG’s Favourite Balcony Views

Glass Balustrades Specialists Share Their Favourite Balcony Views

Nothing quite enhances a balcony like a glass balustrade … adding style, safety, extra light and fire protection to name just a few benefits, it’s no wonder that this is an extremely popular product. Below, ESG have named some of our favourite balcony views that would no doubt be enhanced by a state of the art ESG glass balustrade! So sit back, relax, and imagine yourself unwinding at one of these stunning locations …

Santorini, Greece

Some of the most amazing balcony views can be found in Imerovigli, one of the most amazing areas of Santorini. Located on the notorious and stunning Caldera, the enchanting buildings boast jaw dropping views of the Caldera from both hotel rooms and public spaces. With some hotels sitting 350 metres above the sea, this presents the most awe inspiring view of the volcano to their guests, along with picturesque views of the surrounding islands. Some of the local buildings have been modernised in recent years … keeping the tradition of their famous Cycladic architecture whilst occasionally using modern glass balustrades for additional safety and elegance.

St Lucia

Beaches lined with palm trees, stunning waterfalls and impressive scenery make St. Lucia one of the most ideal places to relax on your balcony and take in the views. With an abundance of beautiful landscapes and the world famous Piton mountain range, this popular Caribbean island is one to remember. With its picturesque coastlines including gold, white and black beaches that perfectly blend with azure seas … this offers the picture perfect environment to kick back with a cocktail and soak in the views. The addition of glass balustrades to some of the modern hotels has enhanced both the luxury feel and the safety aspects for their guests … who would want these amazing views to be anything but crystal clear?

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Not all balcony views need to be sun, sea and sand! Las Vegas offers an amazing night time view of one of the world’s most famous cities – with world class resorts and extravagant casinos all lit up to create an unrivalled atmosphere. In addition to this, The Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, Lake Mead, the River Mountains and the world famous Boulder City provide amazing accommodations that offer stunning views of these areas. Due to climate and safety reasons, balconies in Las Vegas tend to be less common than most tourist areas … but hotels such as the Polo Towers, Palms Place, Tropicana, Cosmopolitan, Caesars Palace and MGM Grand make use of state of the art safety features including specialised glass balustrades to provide this extra benefit for their guests.

Paris, France

If you want the ideal romantic setting, there is nothing better than a perfect view of The Eiffel Tower! Balcony views from premises like the Shangri-La Paris Hotel will leave a lasting impression on just about anyone who visits. Not many settings can rival a private terrace boasting panoramic views of the famous Eiffel Tower for you to soak in both day or night. The buildings in the area tend to favour balconies with traditional wrought iron fences rather than glass balustrades, but it’s hard to argue that this is one of the most iconic and romantic places to sit and relax.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hotel balconies in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico offer jaw dropping visuals of the surrounding turquoise sea and its stunning white beaches. Buildings such as Grand Solmar Land’s End are located within unique natural rock formations and their guests can enjoy sipping cocktails whilst being surrounded by natural beauty. Known as one of Mexico’s leading tourist attractions, Los Cabos has some of the most luxurious resorts in the world … the style of balconies vary from traditional railings to stylish glass balustrades.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s thriving capital perfectly blends the ultra-modern and traditional with both historic temples and stunning neon-lit skyscrapers. Accommodations such as The Prince Park Tower have superbly positioned glass balustrade balconies that overlook this unique and beautiful city. The city boasts many landmarks such as The NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building (one of the tallest and most stunning skyscrapers in Japan), Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree and much more … all with the legendary Mount Fuji dominating the horizon.