flooring & stair treads

The ‘ESG Floorlux’ range is available in a broad range of thicknesses, in float or toughened glass (subject to application and relevant regulations), and offers the flexibility to be used either internally or externally. We recommend that our clients use ‘ESG Crystal’ white glass as this has less of a green hue than that found in standard float glass and therefore helps retain the designers’ original colour scheme. ‘ESG Crystal’ white glass is available in 4mm to 19mm thickness and all can be Laminated.

All of the designer finishes can be incorporated into floor treads and panels with the benefits as mentioned. However, the additional benefits of the ‘ESG Floorlux’ range are that structural fixings, bolts for example, can also be encapsulated between the glass and either hidden beneath an opaque decorative finish or left prominently exposed in order to accentuate the design scheme. To create the non-slip upper surface, grooves, strips or dots etc. can be deep sandblasted into the glass.

The use of single toughened glass is not appropriate for flooring as if broken it disintegrates and no longer supports a load. For four-edge supported glass there must be at least two panes of toughened glass, each fully capable of supporting the design loads. For support by two edges there must be three thicknesses of glass. All glass floor and stair tread specifications must be professionally calculated using the loads appropriate for the building type or use detailed in BS 6399 : Part 1 : 1996.