retail exteriors & fittings

The modern retail sector is designed to be a bright and open space, with large bold displays designed to attract the customers into the shops. Allowing for this design, whilst giving the maximum protection, Security Glass in the retail environment is the modern but highly effective alternative to traditional and unsightly window security measures like steel bars and metal window shutters that can prove ineffective as seen recently in the London Riots when looters stole and caused millions of pounds worth of damage.

In addition to the protection afforded by ESG Secure EN356, LPS1270 and Ballistic, ESG can provide added features such as sound attenuation, fire resistance or even decorative effects for corporate branding. ESG can also add an LCD interlayer, ESG Switchable™ which allows the panel to change from an opaque white to optically clear at the flick of a switch.

Although this is commonly regarded as an aesthetic property, it also offers added security by masking vulnerable areas such as bank counters and jewellery stores by depriving the potential assailant of any view of the intended target.